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Counselling can be the most amazing adventure - a journey of deep discovery within.  You will be stretching yourself, but within a safe and gentle relationship with your therapist.

Almost certainly, even within a few sessions, you will feel different. To be honest, you may feel worse to start with as you start seeing things differently and changing how you are with yourself and with others.

I like the old chestnut - from Einstein (apparently), "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." Counselling is about addressing that.

Are you at a point in your life where you feel you need some extra help to make sense of what is happening?  You might be stuck... you might have lived through some upsetting experiences... you might be finding it really hard to cope?

We all struggle at times, and having someone to talk things over and share (in a calm, safe place and you know it is confidential) can really help you find a resolution.


I am a qualified integrative counsellor, registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

I work with each client in a unique way, responding to their individual needs and personal style.

I work creatively and sensitively.

My theoretical approach is at its core person-centred with other influences including Erskine's.

If you think you might want to work with me - we can arrange a free preliminary meeting. It is important that you feel that I am right for you. Counselling is not a cheap investment, but I believe it is a very worthwhile and endlessly fruitful one.

Sue Nyirenda

07777 663042

Based near Canterbury



£45 a session

concessions may be available

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I have developed a set of x25 cards - featuring a variety of photos that have been chosen to stimulate memories and feelings within clients.

Images can work very powerfully with all of us, so the cards are sold with a warning reminding therapists that we need to work gently.

The set of cards comes with Instructions outlining possible ways to use them (but please remember your imagination has even more ideas) and a hand-crafted, lined, fabric bag to store them in. 

Visual Shortcuts

In addition, therapists will be introduced to the idea of Visual Shortcuts. Another insert reveals what this new, original concept is and explains the shortcut for each image.

Find out more about Visual Shortcuts HERE

To find out more about our NEW Lovelli Therapy Cards click HERE

These new workshops...

'Exploring using Images with Clients' bring together a small group of therapists

(max 6 participants) to explore how they can use images (including Lovelli Therapy Cards) in their work.

The workshop builds confidence in those who haven't much experience in this type of work and demonstrates how powerful images can be.

In the second half of the 3 hour workshop, we work with Sue's 'Visual Shortcuts'  in an interactive way.

The work in the sessions can be personal and deep, hence the small number so we can keep it safe and gentle.


How to book for a workshop:

Just contact Sue to say you are interested and  a convenient time and place will be arranged.

Please note - a FREE set of Lovelli Therapy Cards is given to all attendees

Cost £50 (£35 concessions)

For more information Click HERE

Working with clients, I try to help them illuminate their situation. I believe that we all hold the answers to our problems within us, and as a therapist I help my client uncover those solutions... which often require some difficult changing, but to wonderful effect.

Life often seems very confused and it's difficult to know where to start untangling it. In therapy, we will look at some of your different threads and endeavour to release parts of yourself that have been buried away.

We gently tease things apart.

This is a photo of a plain blue glass sat on a patterned plate. The both are bathed in sunlight and so each shines and reflects the light and colours beautifully.

In therapy, the counsellor acts like the sunshine - bringing out beauty within the client for them to feel and see. She will reflect this back to the client with her warm and caring attention.

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