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Lovelli Workshops

'Exploring using images with clients' £50 (£35 concs) including free pack of Lovelli Therapy Cards (worth £15)

Workshops will be happening regularly ...once the Covid pandemic is over!

Hopefully soon. Approximately once a month - please email if you are interested and we can arrange locations, dates and times

- I can be flexible with time and location!

All will run with a short break with simple refreshments

NEW! One-to-one workshops - please message me if you are interested.

Similar cost but timing may be shorter, with the chance to go into greater depth.

I am running interactive workshops to help therapists (and other professionals working with clients) explore how to use images with their clients and build their confidence in this way of working.  It is a very powerful tool that many people are a little afraid to use. The workshops aim to help participants share their ideas and feelings and things may get personal and deep quite quickly. 

For this reason, I've decided to keep the groups small - each has a maximum of 6 participants and I endeavour to keep the space confidential and safe.

We will start by working with the Lovelli Therapy Cards - each participant will be given a FREE pack as part of the training cost. Then we will move on to use other images - from magazines and postcards etc.

We will also look at using the new concept of 'Visual Shortcuts' within therapy.


Please contact Sue for more information:

07777 663042

The FREE pack of Lovelli cards - x25 A6 cards with instructions and information about Visual Shortcuts plus a hand crafted bag to store the cards.


The workshop was fab. I think you delivered it really well Sue. It was clear and it was really well paced - you covered the content but I felt we all had time to explore the ideas ourselves as well. I think the workshop was about the right length of time for groups of up to 6.


I also feel that you handled our contributions and personal material very sensitively, I felt safe and that my contributions were valid and were heard. 

Contentwise - it was very interesting and I think really highlighted the value of working with imagery. I think it was also good that you used the postcards as well as your cards to illustrate the difference between using your cards and using random images. 


Your cards are wonderful and it’s really good to come away from the training with a pack of them to make use of.


I found the whole session really valuable. It opened up a lot of ideas for me to process both personally and professionally. So thank you so much for it.




Participant working with a client after the workshop:

"I used the images - powerful and my client brought up stuff never mentioned before and was tearful which she never has been.


I also then was able to get her to draw her emotions, what it looks like (she is an Art teacher) so not too hard. 


Really chuffed I fell like my confidence and imagination has been unlocked.




Working one-to-one:

"Great! It brought up so much inner stuff for me. Very rich session. I valued the collaborative, equal way we worked - both of us choosing images, not the rigid client-therapist model."



(Drama therapist)

Small group Workshop:

Thank you for bringing and sharing this excellent resource. I will definitely be using it with future clients myself.





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