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After the Mist

After difficult times, there may come a new, fresh way of looking at things. There may be a silver lining.

I believe however, that silver linings shouldn't be looked at too early. The grief of a painful situation needs to be felt and aired and processed first. Stopping our emotions from being fully expressed can perhaps cause more problems. The British 'stiff upper lip' encourages this swallowing and hiding of raw emotion. We are called 'strong' if we zip up and get on with life. But perhaps there is a core of gnawing poison remaining in our system if we do this? Perhaps the stronger person is the one who washes out as much pain and emotion as they can, before they 'move on'?

This image 'Nature's Diamonds' was taken after the mist had risen - the exquisite droplets remain too on the spider's web and in the subsequent sunshine we see the 'silver lining' after the misty morning.



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