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Purple glass globes

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and thinking and sorting problems out is too much. The mass of 'stuff' is too distracting and we want to offload some of it so that we can focus on the important things.

This is one of the things I do that seems to help... It takes some imagination, but there's no harm in giving it a go is there? - I invite you to simply try it.

Take a bit of time to sit down and have some quiet space. (This can be before you go to sleep or as you awake but before getting up).

Focus on what you want to offload - a decision you need to make about changing jobs perhaps, or what to do about....?

Imagine a large purple glass globe - about the size of the heads of the allium flowers in the image. Then imagine putting the issue inside the globe.

Hold it in your hands and then gently throw it up into the air so that you imagine it slowly rising into the clouds. You can imagine that there is an angel, (a guide, a loved one, an animal... or whatever you believe) who catches it. Or perhaps it just sits on the cloud, watching the world go by.

The important thing is that you say to it (or the angel) that you want it to be there for a while. If it feels like it needs to come down back into your life then it can. If you want to bring it back, then of course you can retrieve it too. But it needs to sit there until you need to look at it again.

If you have several things you want to move out of your immediate thoughts (to stop worrying about them) then I can imagine a few clouds with plenty of colourful glass globes sitting on them.

You are trusting your higher self (or your sub-conscious or your guiding angel) to remember to bring down the issue into your working consciousness when the time is right. Why worry about a problem when it needs to be dealt with months ahead and there is nothing you can do until then?

I hope it works for you as well as it does for me.



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