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The Evening Sky - an ever changing canvas

“On autumn evenings

The sunlight bows down.

Pinks and purples

Spread all around.

Blues, of all hues

Filter downwards and then,

Darkness fills the sky and

Our curtains are drawn.”

What an amazing canvas the sky at dusk is. Massive - all around us, getting dizzy as we look left, right, up and down. The colours change by the second. A slow motion movie showing every night, and each night a unique film.

Are we not like beautiful sunsets? We have so many different facets that flicker and change moment by moment. We flash this part of ourselves to that person, and a different light to another. Are we the same person to our families, to our friends to our colleagues? To ourselves?

Are we the same person that we were when we were young? Would you even recognise yourself if you met yourself as a toddler? As a baby?

It seems important to accept ourselves whichever ‘sunset’ we are, at each precise moment, and to make it as true to our deep inner selves as possible. Those layers we can put over our authentic selves, those facades or masks - feel like muddy marks on the canvas. They don’t come from the being within but are slapped on afterwards. Health glows from within in the same way.

Oh to be a sunset! Just shining outward, expressing our feelings as they arise without doubt or anxiety. Perhaps this is what people who can see our auras can see? The colours of our emotions and thoughts diffusing from our bodies? What a beautiful gift that must be.

Through therapy, I’d like to think that we as clients start to glow from the inside out - trusting our own being. Feeling comfortable just to be. And all the muddy smears of pretending to be what we are not can be cleared from our canvases like windscreen wipers. The force of authenticity dissolving them off like a candle melts wax.

Welcome to the path to discover the authentic you.



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